We want to inspire our community to do something great! We strongly believe in the power of bringing people together to make a difference in someone's life.


Maya Chammas

Founder & Chair person

A recreation specialist & fitness instructor, Maya founded MFAC to give hope to those who need it most. Her goal is to advance medical research and give those affected a fighting chance to live well. She combined her passions for fitness and fundraising, and formed a team dedicated to continuously motivate people to make a difference.

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Elias Hayek

Co-Founder & Treasurer

Elias, a management consultant, co-founded MFAC with the intent to unite, support, and inspire people to make a difference in the lives of others. He strongly believes in the power of diverse individuals coming together as a team to make an impact. Through MFAC’s initiatives, he hopes to give back to the community and motivate others to do the same.

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Samar Abboud

Co-Founder & Vice Chair

Samar, by virtue of being involved in both the educational and medical fields as a teacher and a nurse, realized that there is a considerable knowledge gap when it comes to certain diseases. She took initiative and co-founded MFAC to help close that gap and highlight the struggles that people affected by these diseases have to go through every single day, with the hope of improving their lives.

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Goldy Aoun


A translator and a law student  intent on positively impacting the world, Goldy joined MFAC from day one to help make a difference in people’s lives. She holds the organization close to her heart, and is motivated to help through the idea of combining fitness to a purpose of health for all. She strongly believes that accomplished goals are the result of a helping hand, and works tirelessly to ensure MFAC’s mission succeeds

Lisanne Leduc


As an academic resource teacher, Lisanne is regularly called to intervene in a preventative and rehabilitative manner for students with learning difficulties.  She constantly collaborates with different people to find winning solutions, and finds working as part of a team stimulating. By getting involved with MFAC, she has the chance to build on this momentum and focus her efforts in a health-related field. She is confident that by uniting our strengths, we will achieve our common goal of advancing medical research and creating a better future for everyone. Empathy, dedication, and commitment are some of her core values, and MFAC’s mission echoes them as well.